Green Earth Observer, no. 1 (Fall 1989)

This journal, self-described as "An Interdisciplinary Journal Dedicated to the Philosophical Aspects of Environmental Problems," has been publishing since 1979, and is without doubt the leading forum for serious philosophical work in environmental philosophy. The articles tend to be of high scholarly caliber, although accessible to non-professionals as well. The field of environmental ethics and values has become, in the last ten years, one of the most active and vigorous new orientations within academic philosophy; and it is in no small part due to this journal. Many of the leading authors in this new field have published their work in this journal, including J. Barid Callicott, Holmes Rolston, III, Michael Zimmerman, Paul Taylor, Arne Naess, Bryan Norton, Mark Sagoff, Marti Kheel, Anthony Weston.

A selection of paper titles from the last few volumes will give a sense of the range of topics covered: "Divining Evolution: The Ecological Ethics of Murray Bookchin," "Postmodern Environmental Ethics:Ethics as Bioregional Narrative," "The Military Commander's Responsibility for the Environment," "Eco-Feminism and Deep Ecology," "Forms of Gaian Ethics," "Aldo Leopold and the Moral Community," "Fact and Value in Ecological Science," "Physical Matter as Creative and Sentient," "The Moral Standing of Natural Objects" . . . and many more. An excellent source--highly recommended.

EnvEthics - December 18, 1995