Dr. Danqiong (Joy) Zhu | Center for Environmental Philosophy

Dr. Danqiong (Joy) Zhu

Director of International Engagement
PH.D., University of North Texas (2022); PH.D., Northwest University (CHN, 2005)
Environmental Philosophy, Biocultural Conservation, Arts and Environment

Danqiong Zhu holds a PhD in environmental philosophy from the Univerisity of North Texas (2022) and a PhD in History of Chinese Thoughts & Cultures from Northwest University (2005). She was an associate professor at Xidian University and served as the Director for the Center for Cross-cultural Studies at the Xidian University in China. Her research and teaching focus on environmental ethics, philosophy of ecology, and philosophy of science. She is the author of Case Studies and the Evolvement of the Chinese Conception of Science (Shaanxi People's Press, 2005). Since 2003, she has worked to introduce environmental philosophy to the Chinese audience and has translated and published a number of books, such as Environmental Justice (2007; 2021, written by Peter S. Wenz), Modern Environmentalism: An Introduction (Shanghai Truth & Wisdom Press, 2011, 2020, written by David Pepper), Green Political Theory (Shanghai Truth & Wisdom Press, 2019, written by Robert E. Goodin), etc. She is currently leading a book project: Linking Arts with Biocultural Conservation, Restoration, and Communication. In 2024, she also published the Chinese edition of The Evolution of Knowledge: Rethinking Science for the Anthropocene (written by Jürgen Renn).