Arts & Environment Workshop | Center for Environmental Philosophy

Arts & Environment Workshop

We are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming workshop on "Arts and Environment" that will be hosted by the Center for Environmental Philosophy (CEP), Cape Horn International Center (CHIC), and the Department of Philosophy & Religion. At a time when global societies face pressing socio-environmental challenges, we believe that arts have the power to inspire changes and contribute to a promising future. This workshop is designed to examine the insections of arts and biocultural conservation, restoration, and communication, and we are excited to have you join us.

Dates: Nov. 26-28, 2023.

Workshop Hightlights:

  1. Philosophy for Linking Arts with Biocultural Conservation, Restoration, and Communication
  2. Art Practices to Reconnect Citizens with Biocultural Diversity
  3. Visions for the Future: Toward More Inclusive Ecoaesthetics for Biocultural Conservation and Restoration

Who Should Attend?

  • Artists and Educators
  • Environmentalists and Activists
  • Students
  • Anyone passionate about the intersection of arts and environment


Registration is free, and we encourage you to invite friends and colleagues who share your interest in the arts and environmental conservation.

Join us to enjoy this workshop filled with creativity, inspiration, and a commitment to a more climate-friendly and sustainable world with biocultural diversity. Join us at this workshop and be a part of the movement to conserve and restore our environment through artistic expression and practices.

Detailed schedule can be found here: